The Navigating Serious Conversations course was created for the clinician on service that needs quick and accessible teaching.

Navigating Serious Conversations
(This course is formerly known as VitalTalk Mobile.) Learn new skills in an easy, accessible way and navigate serious illness conversations with ease.
For busy health care professionals looking to avoid common communication pitfalls
Self-paced online
3 modules?

Watch videos of clinicians meeting with patients and provide advice on what they could do differently. Learn at your own pace.

Learn effective, empathetic and honest communication skills to deliver better, more patient-centered care.
For beginner-friendly communication improvement exercises
Self-paced online
6 Hours: 15 tasks + 20-30 min each?

Try new skills in live role play with simulated patients and receive real-time feedback from communication experts.

$795 - $997
Learn to communicate effectively in emotionally charged situations.
For investing in your skills and becoming a communication expert
Two 4-hour sessions


This course is for VitalTalkers wanting to become clinician educators, mentors and change agents.

faculty development
$5,990 - $7,590
Become a communication educator and join the VitalTalk Faculty community.
For becoming a communication educator and joining the VitalTalk Faculty community
Virtual and In-Person
Intensive 2-session train-the-trainer program
Prerequisites required?

Just as no doctor is born knowing how to handle a scalpel, the same is true for how to communicate effectively with seriously ill patients and their families.

Whether in person or online, clinicians feel safe practicing newly learned skills through VitalTalk’s evidenced-based training methodologies.

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We employ 20+ years of evidence-based communication skills research into our curriculum. Our courses focus on improving your communication with seriously ill patients, including discussing bad news, prognosis, early and late goals of care and end of life treatment options.

Safe space


Simulated patients give you a realistic patient experience, a safe space to practice and an opportunity to hone effective, authentic strategies. We guarantee you will leave courses feeling more confident in your own ability to discuss serious news and goals of care.

Culture change


By integrating evidence-based serious illness communication skills into healthcare practice through an engaged network of trained faculty, every seriously ill patient will be surrounded by clinicians who speak about what matters most and match care to values.


healthcare institutions


Providers taught


vitaltalk faculty members

More than 30 years of experience in research and education

Clinicians learn to communicate about values and goals. Our courses prepare healthcare professionals with constructive tools for creating care plans that match their patients’ values. We work with some of the world’s top healthcare institutions to deliver a variety of communication skills training courses.

“The course was amazing. My facilitator was a fantastic small group leader and really facilitated a warm and welcoming environment where everyone felt comfortable participating, sharing, making errors and learning. He absolutely made this course great.”

~ Virtual Mastering Tough Conversations student